Why do I have to take out health insurance equivalent to the KVG/LAMal? 

KVG/LAMal is the basic health insurance in Switzerland, as a foreign student living in Switzerland, you are obliged to subscribe to the compulsory basic health insurance (KVG/LAMal) or to a health insurance company offering KVG/LAMal equivalent plans such as StudentCover Essential and StudentCover Worldwide.  

Does StudyProtect cover hospital, general practitioner or dental treatment, what is covered?

StudyProtect cover provides benefits equivalent to the KVG/LAMAL such as hospital treatment, general practitioners and for dental treatment, StudyProtect only covers you in case of dental accidents.

Why take out a health insurance policy equivalent to the KVG/LAMAL if the benefits are the same?

StudyProtect offers you benefits equivalent to the LAMal, but at a lower cost.

Where can I get a residence permit?

First of all, you have to inform the cantonal office of population and migration within 14 days of your arrival.

You must then complete Form A and send it to the cantonal office where you have registered your new residence.

What are the conditions for acceptance?

  • Aged between 16 and 41 years at the time of application or renewal
  • Enrolled and accepted as a student at a Swiss school or academic institution in Switzerland and/or Liechtenstein
  • Have an appropriate and currently valid residence permit.


Vocabulary :

What is a deductible?

The deductible is the amount indicated on the insurance certificate, which is to be paid by the insured person.

What is a premium?

The premium is the amount you have to pay for the period of insurance indicated on your notice of maturity, in return for the benefits of your plan. You can pay your premium :

  • in Swiss francs – the Plan’s reference currency
  • by credit card, bank transfer, payment slip or as specified in your application form or due date notice, as appropriate.

What is a claim?

A claim is when an event (illness or the consequence of an accident) requires therapeutic and medical treatment.

What is an illness?

Any impairment of physical, mental or psychological health diagnosed by a doctor, which is not caused by an accident and which requires medical examination or treatment.

What is considered an acute illness?

An illness is considered acute when its sudden onset leads to intense pain or symptoms of short duration and which will require prompt medical treatment.

What is hospitalization?

Admission to a hospital for a stay of more or less than 24 hours, requiring notification of admission, during which the Insured undergoes medical and/or surgical treatment.


Technical administrations:

How to apply?

Go to the Website. In the Subscription, tab fill in the required fields. Your request is then registered, and a summary email is sent to you.

StudyProtect will come back to you to confirm the acceptance of your application.

You will then have to send the following attachments:

  • Passport
  • Certificate of schooling
  • Residence permit

To the following address:

Once all these documents have been received, you will receive a welcome email with access to your individual space where you will have access to:

  • Your contract
  • Certificate of attestation
  • Individual insurance card
  • Invoice

How to report a claim?

You have 2 choices :

  • You can declare your claim quickly and easily by following the steps below:
    1. Log in to your individual space using the login details you received by email when you accepted your subscription
    2. Go to “My claims” and upload your documents for the following files
      • Statement of claim
      • Claim, medical information (to be completed by your doctor)
      • Claim invoice


  • Fill in the Online Claim Form:
  • Send
    • Your completed Online Declaration Form
    • Your original invoice

By email to the following address:


By post to the following address:

StudyProtect managed by Golden Care S.A. – Medical Administration and Support Centre

Please note: the invoice must be sent within 90 days of the claim.

How much am I reimbursed?

In Switzerland: StudyProtect Services, on behalf of the insurer, will settle claims in Switzerland in accordance with the KVG/LAMal and on the basis of the tariffs applicable in university/state hospitals.

Abroad: Outside Switzerland and/or Liechtenstein, StudyProtect Services, on behalf of the insurer, will settle claims in public/state hospitals in standard rooms.

In countries 27 -Ref. GCCHSST002EN where there is a recognised schedule of fees or tariffs applicable in public hospitals, approved by an appropriate governing body, we will apply these amounts when reimbursing the costs of medical treatment, unless prior approval and/or direct settlement has been obtained.



Who to contact for general information?

StudyProtect Services Admissions and Plan Management Centre is also available to provide you with information and advice on your policy. StudyProtect Services acts on behalf of the insurer and in the framework of a management delegation.

Who to contact in case of a medical emergency?

In the event of a medical emergency and/or death, the assistance services designated on your identity card are the framework for all your assistance services.

An alarm centre is at your disposal 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to intervene at the scene of the accident or health condition.
In order to benefit from the medical emergency services, you must immediately contact the Assistance Services emergency centre by telephone, fax or e-mail.

You will find the number on the back of your insurance card.