StudentCover Swiss zone

The StudentCover Swiss zone is equivalent to the KVG/LAMal in Switzerland and extends worldwide only for medical emergencies and accidents.

For health coverage in Switzerland equivalent to LAMAL

If you need protection in the event of illness or accident, you can subscribe to our contract offering adequate and valid cover throughout your studies in Switzerland: The StudentCover Swiss zone.

An economical solution for international students, which covers your medical expenses in an equivalent manner to LAMAL.

Specific conditions

  • Guaranteed equivalent to LAMAL
  • Premium adapted to student budgets
  • Direct care in hospitals
  • Cover outside Switzerland in case of accident and emergency only
  • Individual and safe platform
  • Individual identification card
  • Simplified claim reporting
  • Easy, direct contact with our Team

Your annual deductibles
Modulate your deductible according to your budget.

Annual deductibles Monthly premium
CHF 100 CHF 82
CHF 300 CHF 73
CHF 500 CHF 64
CHF 1'000 CHF 51